Spring Tryouts are CLOSED

Please fill out this form if you'd like to be notified of times for our next tryouts

Please contact Erika Pals at [email protected] with any questions
Please consider the below criteria when signing up for tryouts:  
*We are a swim team, and very different from swimming lessons in that our coaches are all on-deck
and not in the water with swimmers. 
*The primary goal of our entrance requirements is to ensure the safety of our swimmers,
as well as a positive, challenging, and fun environment for everyone. 
Tryouts for Pre-Team and Breeze/Blasts (ages 5-8), Whirlwinds/Gust/Gales(ages 9-10), and Cyclones (ages 11-12) :
*Swimmers must be able to comfortably swim the full length (25 yards) of the pool without assistance
of any kind, including stopping or touching wall/pool bottom.  
*Swimmers must be able to swim with their face in the water and wear goggles. 
*Swimmers will be asked to demonstrate a length of freestyle/crawl stroke on the stomach,
with alternating single-arm strokes and face submerged between breath cycles to the side.
*Swimmers will be asked to demonstrate a length of backstroke on the back,
with alternating single-arm strokes.
*Depending on age/ability level, swimmers may be also be asked to swim multiple lengths
with a short amount of rest in between.  
Have questions? Please contact Erika Pals at [email protected].